About Us

About Our Company

Agaram Green energy is a reputed solar company founded by Mr.S. Sultan Alavudeen. Agaram Green Energy is organized on May 2017 in Madurai, Tamilnadu. Our company is one of the noteworthy manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of various & extensive solar products and LED name boards with impressive design. Our organization is one of the growing and well known solar products installation and servicing.
We are providing various ranges with different type of specifications; we are providing satisfiable solutions to the customers based on their installation needs. Our organization has good prominent infrastructure with sophisticated facilities and we also have the huge and spacious warehousing facilities with the special team to maintain the goods from damaging. Our company meets all the needs of people even if they want small LED lights, we will service them with a big heart.
We are providing Solar power plant systems installation on both ON- grid(Grid- tied), Off grid as well Hybrid models. Our organization is reaching our goal under the consistent guidance of our Managing Director, Mrs. Shaban Begam. She is having a vast and prominent knowledge about our products. Because of her, our company meets all requirements of our clients with best possible approach. We have so many dealers in all over in Tamilnadu to approach the customers immediately and effectively. Apart from everything we are maintaining a friendly relationship with our customers based on our On-Time delivery services, On-time installation services, we approach patiently to customers on payment related issues based on our company's terms and policies, ethical business policies and clients consideration.

Our Project Acheivements :

We have done projects from KW to MW. Recently we have installed 10MW Ongrid project in a big IT company in Bangalore. They appreciated our efforts and they showed their gratitude towards us.


"Our Service=>Our Responsibility=>Client's satisfaction" This is our motto. To become a leading provider of affordable, innovative & high quality renewable energy solutions beneficial to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial consumers all over the world. Our goal is to satisfy the expectations of every client by offering outstanding products and service at great value to optimize payback to customers for their investments.


Spreading the effectiveness of solar energy all over the world through our branded quality products even in small villages in India. To build healthy relationships with our customers based on product and services to ensure a competitive edge in the market. See our extensive range of solar products to find the right solution for every budget. Taking efforts on spreading awareness about solar products and its uses to every nukes and corners of the world.

Our Belief :

To play a role in developing our country and service the people through our energy conservation ideas and creating awareness about renewable energy resources about our products.

Our Policies :

  • Compatible installation & services on every budget.
  • Quality assurance and branded products.
  • Ontime services based on our company's terms and conditions.
  • Maintaining good relationship with our customers.
  • Excellent commitment.
  • Eco- friendly based services and installation.

Our Products :

  • Solar power Plant system(on-grid, off-grid, Hybrid)
  • Agricultural Pump Set.
  • Street light.
  • Water heater.
  • LED lights.
  • LED Name boards.

Solar power plant systems :

Anybody can do own power production with the help of us. We are providing three types of solar power plant systems. On-grid (Grid-tied), Off- grid as well as Hybrid model.

On Grid System :

On-Grid systems (Grid Tied) are mini power plants connected to the utility power grid, these systems are less expensive and battery banks are not required in this setup. They have less maintenance and are most efficient. These systems are dynamic as the entire production is consumed either at the user's, end or sent back to the grid. Net metering will also help user's to get faster rate of return on their investment.
We recommend Grid-tie System for industries. hospitals, colleges and large house were the entire lead cannot be converted into solar, drive to investment and space constraints. For Dynamic load Management and a very Flexible System.


OFF - Grid Systems are best suited for homes and small offices. They use battery banks, which are charged by the solar energy produced by the panels. Optimum capacity for, Off-Grid Solutions that we recommend is 1 KW as 10KW. This helps decrease or nullity users, dependence on the grid.


A solar-powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels or the radiated thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical mainly due to the lower operation and maintenance costs and has less environmental impact than pumps powered Solar.


Solar Street Light is a stand-alone solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank, solar panel and LED light based on customer requirement it can be customized to the wattage and brightness required and it can be designed for dusk to dawn operations with the required number of days.
One of the ways to light up your home or industrial premise, streets. highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas be environmentally friendly and also keep recurring monthly bills at bay is to leverage the tremendous yet untapped benefit of solar powered yet untapped benefit of solar powered LED lights. The solar water heater is based on the principle of black body absorption and Thermo syphon principle. The black surface of collector absorbs the heat from the sun's rays and transfers it to the water passing through the pipes of the collector. Hot water being lighter rises to the insulated storage tank and an equal amount of cold water replaces this hot water.